Placemat with anti-hot, anti-skid effect

- Sep 14, 2017-

  Placemat with anti-hot, anti-skid effect. Not only completely protect the restaurant tables and chairs, coupled with a small chic pattern, is definitely a beautiful combination of natural beauty.

  The mat is enough to melt the room monotonous space atmosphere, comfortable a corner of the tea plus the hands of the dessert to make a small space more comfortable and comfortable cloth mattress decorative table decorated with a role, this rose mats petals like lovers crimson The cheeks, into the eye to create a warm atmosphere .... mattress use it in the layout of the desktop will take pictures of the mood, rich and colorful make the desktop face-lift atmosphere and then with the same design of the pillow set off the overall color of the space coordinated, although only Small accessories, even if the ordinary space may also be due to the pillow to join the monotonous change.

  Placemat with knowledge

  1, according to the color of the table with.

  If the whole table is mostly white, then simply use the same white napkin, so the best in the napkin to see fresh and natural flowers, in the election of flowers, pay attention to the pattern of the match, if it is slender flower , There is a noble temperament, with the European style can be matched with each other.

  2, according to the style and characteristics of home with.

  Although the traditional pattern of rich and lively atmosphere, but with the European style of furniture in conflict, and will appear very messy table.

  3, according to the owner of the decoration atmosphere and preferences with.

  Such as coasters, if the choice of natural materials and the use of plastic materials, give the family a little natural life breath. While the grass and rattan table mats bring tropical flavor. Hemp texture of the best, can give Puzhuo Ya Ya feeling.

  Placemat with other items

  1, place the place with the dining table with the existence of the place of the table to give the desktop a drawing for the square of the composition. Pick the dumplings to consider the size and proportion of the table hungry to the principle of not overlapping each other.

  2, placemat and tableware with the size of the ratio of desktop and tableware shall prevail. Put the food, the food does not run out of the mattress outside the principle. Rectangular mats put a round plate, round the best place with a circular plate with a circular plate to match a square placemat, will depend on the proportion of the size of the difference is too much, it is best to have the appropriate stay White.