Placement of the purchase of knowledge

- Sep 14, 2017-

  Placement of the purchase of knowledge

  The placemat is a kind of meal that can protect and decorate the dining table. General use of cotton, linen, bamboo, paper and other materials made of paper.

  Cotton pad:

  Absorbent, easy to clean, you can buy on the towel drip, see the water absorption rate.

  Sponge pad:

  Pest control moth, good durability; can hand pull about mattress, see how much the extent of pull, the bigger the better.

  Bamboo Place Pads:

  The best heat insulation, can effectively prevent the hot items on the table damage; you can use a cup of hot water to test the thermal insulation effect.

  Paper cloth Placemat:

  The latest environmentally friendly materials from processing, heat insulation is better, but not washed.

  Plastic Placemat:

  Environmentally friendly PP placemat, EVA placemat is currently more popular, light and environmentally friendly, fashionable, and suitable for printing a variety of patterns on the surface. pvc placemat, silicone mats, good texture, you can try again and again, bright colors, the surface can produce a variety of patterns.

  Placemat with knowledge

  1, according to the color of the table with.

  If the whole table is mostly white, then simply use the same white napkin, so the best in the napkin to see fresh and natural flowers, in the election of flowers, pay attention to the pattern of the match, if it is slender flower , There is a noble temperament, with the European style can be matched with each other.

  2, according to the style and characteristics of home with.

  Although the traditional pattern of rich and lively atmosphere, but with the European style of furniture in conflict, and will appear very messy table.

  3, according to the owner of the decoration atmosphere and preferences with.

  Such as coasters, if the choice of natural materials and the use of plastic materials, give the family a little natural life breath. While the grass and rattan table mats bring tropical flavor. Hemp texture of the best, can give Puzhuo Ya Ya feeling.