Reed is a whole body of treasure is the economic crop

- Sep 14, 2017-

  Reed is a whole body of treasure is the economic crop, its reed stalk can be used to weave, paper, do animal feed, its reed flower can be made of broom, its roots are good Chinese herbal medicine. It is a very cost-effective crop, but many of the flock of growers did not get a good harvest. So, how can the reed planted to increase production? Here, I will tell you about reed high-yielding cultivation methods.

  There are two commonly used methods of planting reeds, one is planted through the seeds of reeds. One is planted through reed roots.

  Let's start by looking at how to plant reeds through reed seeds. One is sowing. The seeds of the reed are hidden in the reeds, and after harvesting the reeds every year, we chopped the reeds into the sun. Sowing the season to master, in the beginning of each year in early May sowing, sowing two days before the first reed field irrigation, soaking two days after the water drained began planting, seeding density of 150 pounds per hectare seed. Seedlings should be sown evenly during sowing and ensure that each seed is buried in the soil. After the field management to strengthen, the seed field irrigation height maintained at the height of the seedlings below the timely weeding fertilization.

  Second, transplanting seedlings body. When the body grows up to about 20 cm can be transplanted. Reed seedlings transplanting distance maintained at 1 square meters a pit distance, after transplanting is completed after the timely irrigation. The height of the irrigation is kept below the seedling body, and the height of the irrigation with the growth of the seedlings grows continuously. Three is harvest. Reeds can only be harvested once for years. Every year in the reed mature time, usually in the winter before, we only use the reed root above the harvest, the second year in the harvest will once again grow a new reed seedlings. After harvest, but also timely clean up the scattered surface of the leaves, to prevent the corruption of the roots of reeds.

  Let's look at how to grow through reed roots. In the four to five months each year we can reed the reed through the reed roots. The method is as follows: from the adult reed to take 30 inside the root of a length, will be planted in the reed field. The spacing of this planting is also one per square meter, and when the rhizomes begin to pump, we need to manage a series of fields such as irrigation and weeding. This method of planting reed seedlings can also be transplanted cultivation, but also not for its transplantation, so that seedlings grow directly into adult reed. We are in the process of planting, the need for fertilization of reeds, fertilizer is generally 150 to 300 kg per hectare.

  In short, according to the correct method of reed seedlings breeding and timely field irrigation, weeding, fertilization management, reed growers will be able to achieve higher yields. Usually per hectare of reeds in the first year of production can reach 4500 kg per hectare.