The outstanding advantage of bamboo placemat is winter warm summer cool

- Sep 14, 2017-

  The outstanding advantage of bamboo placemat is winter warm summer cool. Bamboo because of low thermal conductivity, itself is not cool exothermic. Specially suitable for paving in the living room, the bedroom, the gymnasium, the study, the auditorium, the Hotel hotel and so on ground and the wall decoration. Small color difference is a major feature of bamboo placemats. According to the color division, the bamboo placemat can be divided into two kinds, one is natural color, the color difference is smaller than the wooden bamboo placemat, has the rich bamboo pattern, moreover the color symmetry, the natural color can be divided into the color and the carbonized color, the true color to the varnish processing surface, uses the bamboo most basic colour, bright crisp; In the dignified calm still can be seen clear bamboo grain. The second is artificial paint color, paint can be blended into a variety of colors, but the bamboo grain is not too obvious; the surface treatment of bamboo placemat mostly uses varnish, bright lacquer, matt Paint and wear-resisting paint.

  bamboo placemats in the structure of the main arrangement of 2 ways, that is, the flat pressure type, vertical pressure type, these 2 kinds of structure are the bamboo bending direction "back-to-back" arrangement, the use of bamboo's own flexibility to balance the shrinkage in different environments in the expansion rate.

  bamboo placemat in the theoretical service life of up to 20 years, the correct use and maintenance is to extend the life of bamboo placemat key. bamboo placemat in the use of the most important thing is to keep the indoor dry humidity, because the bamboo placemat is dried, but the bamboo is natural materials, it will also change with the climate. In the face of dry season, especially open heating, consumers should be indoors through different methods to adjust the humidity, can be used humidifier or on the heating basin water and so on. In the summer humid, should open the window more ventilated, keep indoors dry. In addition, the bamboo placemat should avoid sun exposure and rain wet, if the water should be dry in a timely manner, and should try to avoid hard object impact, sharp weapon scratches and metal friction bamboo placemat paint surface. In the day-to-day maintenance of bamboo placemat cleaning, you can sweep the net first, and then wipe with the towel dry, if conditions permit, but also in the two to play a bamboo placemat wax. Bamboo and bamboo placemat structure is generally divided into UV paint layer, decorative layer, substrate layer, moisture-proof layer, solid texture wear-resistant, soft and beautiful color, bamboo grain fresh nature, bamboo fragrance pleasant person. Winter warm summer cool, insect-proof mildew proofing, corrosion-resistant and wear-free deformation, non-toxic harmless to the human body, is the home decoration of green products. Maintenance is also relatively simple, the deformation rate is relatively small, good cost-effective. But not suitable for humid air areas, in the humid environment easily moldy. Bamboo Natural Color Beautiful, full of elasticity, can be moisture-proof, not moldy, strong hardness, winter warm summer cool, with bamboo's arc surface as the appearance surface, has a unique charm.