The planting method and conservation of reed

- Sep 14, 2017-

  The planting method and conservation of reed

  First, under different environmental conditions under the conditions of daily conservation

  The adaptability of water-borne plants is generally strong, reed but there are differences in the requirements of light, temperature, soil, water body and other environment and biological factors. They should meet their needs according to different situations and carry out corresponding use and maintenance management.

  1.1 light, temperature

  Most of the water-borne plants are summer and winter, reed and the growing season requires plenty of sunshine and higher temperatures.

  1.2 Soil and Nutritional Supplements

  Tingshui plant on the cultivation of soil is not strict, in addition to construction waste or sediment serious pollution, the general can adapt, but in the loose, reed fertile loam, semi-clay or stratified silt growth better, which Iris Sexual or slightly acidic soil, planting can be noted.

  To supplement the soil nutrition, winter and spring plants before germination, available fermented cake fertilizer and manure applied to the sediment (or basin soil) as a base fertilizer. Lush growth, the amount of large varieties in the growing season to be appropriate to top dressing, granular fertilizer into the mud under the surface of 7-10 cm or for foliage spraying.

  Growing in eutrophic water in the plant, reed large mushrooms and red lotus seeds and other varieties of rapid growth, to control the application of fertilizer, so as to avoid excessive reproduction, affecting the landscape.