Bamboo Fence Advantage Of Considerable Market Prospects

- Sep 14, 2017-

  Bamboo fence advantage of considerable market prospects

  Bamboo fence to enter the market in China is not long time, bamboo itself is a more environmentally friendly materials, and its bamboo in China is also a relatively rich resources, China's bamboo area of more than 500 million hectares, bamboo resources, area and output Ranking first in the world, the world's best performance, the use of the highest value of about 20% of the distribution of bamboo in southern provinces in China. And China has long been facing the contradiction between the shortage of timber to bamboo on behalf of the wood to the development and utilization of bamboo into the bamboo fence to provide a good opportunity for development.

  At present, China's more large-scale bamboo fence enterprises have more than 100, mainly in Zhejiang, Hunan, Fujian, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Anhui and other bamboo provinces, high precision, product quality and stability. In the past few years, bamboo fence production of large enterprises to export-oriented, export volume increased year by year, exports to Europe, the United States, Canada and Southeast Asian countries, and in the northeastern region of the city is more popular, its sales rose more fierce, Beijing and other Regional cities also showed a steady upward trend, so its market prospects. The color is small, because the growth radius of bamboo is much smaller than the trees, affected by sunshine is not serious, there is no obvious difference between yin and yang, but also because of bamboo fence is rich in bamboo, and color symmetry; surface hardness is bamboo fence An advantage. Bamboo fence because it is plant crude fiber structure, its natural hardness than wood more than doubled, and not easy to deformation. The theoretical life of up to 20 years. Stability, bamboo fence contraction and expansion rate is small.