Bamboo Fence Used To Protect The Courtyard Of A Facility

- Sep 14, 2017-

  Bamboo Fence: Fence also called fence, guardrail, bamboo fence used to protect the courtyard of a facility, usually by sticks, bamboo, reeds, shrubs or stones, in the northern rural areas of China is very common, usually old house, villas and other fences with bamboo fence more. Types of hedges can be divided into the following types of materials: bamboo fence, plant fence, metal fence and plastic fence. A fence made of bamboo is called a bamboo fence.

  Home practicality: Bamboo resistant to deformation, easy to handle, bamboo fiber density is much higher than wood, so when bamboo and wood at the same time soaking water 24 hours, bamboo expansion deformation rate of only half of wood, or even lower. Relatively solid wood, bamboo wood wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, moisture-proof, fire-proof, its physical performance is superior to solid wood. Bamboo also has sound absorption, sound insulation, reduce sound pressure, shorten the time of lack of sound. 4, Ecological energy-saving: The same area of the building, bamboo and concrete energy consumption ratio of 1:8. In addition, the thermal conductivity of bamboo, glass thermal conductivity of about 10, steel for 12, wood 3, and bamboo for 6 relative to wood, bamboo heat transfer faster, do geothermal better. "Residential building energy-saving design standards (draft)" pointed out that the use of low-temperature ground radiation heating, hot water supply temperature should not exceed 55 ℃, supply/return design temperature should not be less than 10 ℃. And the production of sophisticated bamboo in 70 degrees below the boiling water will not produce open fracture deformation phenomenon.