How Long Is The Reed Curtain?

- Sep 14, 2017-

  How long is the reed curtain?

  Many people are a year or two will wash a reed curtains, in fact, it is easy to breed bacteria cause respiratory diseases, and reed curtains on the dust when you pull and pull the reed curtains drift to the indoor air. Home reed curtains should also be washed at least once a half, it is best to be able to wash every two or three months.

  Reed curtains correct cleaning steps to explain:

  1, the removal of reed curtains: in the removal of reed curtains can be used to remove the dust on the surface of the reed curtains dust. Should pay attention to wind, some stuck parts do not pull hard pull, you should open the surrounding karting out reed curtain cloth. Note: remember to use a special container to store the small parts removed from the yo.

  2, reed curtain soak: the reed curtains soaked in water for some time, it is recommended to use a neutral detergent soaked reed curtains, acidic or alkaline heavy liquid will cause some damage to the reed curtain material. According to the reed curtain material different immersion time is generally between 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

  3, reed curtain drying: choose a ventilated place for drying, so that the reed curtains to dry their own. Because the reed curtains and clothing after washing if the long exposure in the sun is also very prone to bleaching.