Reed Application Value

- Sep 14, 2017-

  Reed application value

  Reed can not only paper, building materials and other industrial raw materials, the roots can be medicine, there are diuretic, detoxification, cool, vomiting, anti-encephalitis and other functions, in addition to the huge economic value, reed there are important ecological values: large area reed Can adjust the climate, conservation of water, the formation of a good wetland ecological environment, but also for birds to provide habitat, foraging, breeding homes.


  The reed bar contains cellulose and can be used for paper and man-made fibers. China from the ancient reed with the preparation of "reed mat" shop kang, build a house or build a temporary building. Ancient countries have the use of reed carp shoots made of the instrument - reed flute, reed stem film to do flute flute film used. Reed sprouts can be used as brooms or pots, and tidbits can be filled with pillows.


  Reed species in the park lake blossom season is particularly beautiful. In the European countries of the park, you can often see the reed elegant figure. Cultivate the latest varieties of reeds. Deep water cold, drought, high temperature, lodging resistance, straight, plant height, stems thick, leaves strong, high survival rate. Can achieve short-term molding, fast into the King and other advantages. Strong vitality, easy management, to adapt to the bad environment, fast growth, is the attractions of tourism, water greening, river management, water purification, marsh wetlands, King King works, retaining soil dike, improved soil of choice for solid embankment Pioneer green plants.

  Animal husbandry

  Reed is a kind of wide adaptability, strong stress resistance, high yield of excellent leaves, asparagus, asparagus, reed rhizome, asparagus can be good medicine forage, feed value is high. Stems and leaves for a variety of livestock Hi eating. Most of them are used as grazing land, also used for mowing or grazing and mowing, often as early spring grazing land. Reed grassland seasonal water or too wet, combined with high grass, suitable for horses, cattle and livestock grazing.

  Reed on the ground part of the plant tall, but also a strong regeneration of the reed-based grass, biomass is also a higher grass, under natural conditions, fresh grass 3.9 ~ 13.9 tons / ha. Each year can be cut 2 to 3 times. In addition to grazing use, can be dried hay and silage. After silage, grass green green, fragrant, sheep very like food, cattle and horses also eat.


  The reed is a soil preserving plant. Reed stems can be used for paper and rayon, rayon raw materials, but also for the weaving seats, curtains and so on; tender with a lot of protein and sugar, for the good feed; buds edible, but also do dumplings. Trousers can be used to fill the pillow; rhizome called reed, medicine medicine, cold, sweet, suitable for Qingwei fire, in addition to lung heat, stomach, The effect.

  "Compendium of Materia Medica," said the leaves "governance cholera vomiting, ulcer"; "by the source" records it "burning, Wash, apply, can cure hair back rotten.

  Lu flowers bleeding detoxification, governance epistaxis, blood collapse, vomiting diarrhea. "The sketch" records it "boiled juice clothes, the main fish crab poison." Reed is a good food in the dishes, but also cure blood thirst, gonorrhea. "Wang pull medicine solution" that it can "Qingfei quice, Lee water Tonglin." "Compendium of Materia Medica" records it can "solve all botulinum". Lu stem, reed rhizome is Chinese medicine treatment of febrile disease to the medicine, can heat Sheng Jin, Chufan vomiting, ancient 14 kinds of drugs books are detailed records. Quite famous "Qianjin reed" stems, have been sold overseas.

  Modern pharmacology confirms that leaves, flowers, stems and roots of reeds are rich in pharmacological ingredients - pentosan, coixenin, protein, fat, carbohydrate, D-glucose, D-galactose and two uronic acids Vitamins B1, B2, C and so on more than 10 kinds, and thus by medical, pharmaceutical industry attention.


  Straw for the papermaking raw materials or for the weaving curtains and build shed materials.