Reeds Grow In The Pond, River Banks, Rivers And Streams In The Multi-water Areas

- Sep 14, 2017-

  Reeds grow in the pond, river banks, rivers and streams in the multi-water areas, often forming reed pond. In China, there are widely distributed in the northeast of the Liaohe River Delta, Songnen Plain, Sanjiang Plain, Inner Mongolia Hulunbeier and Xilin Gol Grassland, Xinjiang's Bosten Lake, Yili River Valley and Tacheng Minmin Valley, the North China Plain Baiyangdian, Area reed concentrated distribution area.

  Breeding of reed

  Born in shallow water or low wetlands, new Ken wheat fields or other paddy fields, dry land vulnerable. Reed with transverse rhizome, in the natural habitat to rhizome-based reproduction, rhizomes criss-cross the formation of reticular, even in the water surface to form a thick rhizome, people, animals can be in the above walk. Rhizome has a strong vitality, can be buried in the ground for a long time, 1 m or even more than 1 m rhizome, once the conditions are appropriate, can develop into new branches. Also can seed propagation, seeds can spread with the wind. The adaptability of water is very wide, from the soil moist to long years of water, from a few centimeters to 1 meter above the water depth, can form a reed community. In the depth of 20 to 50 cm, the slow flow of the river, the lake can form a tall grass community, known as "grass forest," said. In the northern part of the Baiyangdian area of the North China Plain, the germination period in early April, the beginning of the breeding season in early May, the beginning of April to the end of July, booting stage from late July to early August, heading early August to late, flowering in late August By early September, the seed ripening period in early October, the deciduous period after the end of October.