Selection Of Reed Curtains

- Sep 14, 2017-

  Selection of reed curtains

  First of all, should consider the overall effect of the room. In general, the reed curtains not only through a certain degree of natural light, but also make people in the daytime room has a sense of seclusion and security. So the reed curtains hanging on the window above the effect is better.

  Secondly, you should consider the curtain color pattern. The color of the fabric should be coordinated with the room and determined by the environment and season of the area. Summer should use cool colors of the fabric, the winter should choose warm fabric, spring and autumn should choose the neutral tone of the fabric-based. From the perspective of the overall coordination of the room, should be considered with the walls, furniture, flooring and other colors are coordinated. If the furniture is dark tone, you should use a more light-colored curtains, so as not to have a deep color to produce a sense of oppression.

  Again, you should consider the style and size of the curtains. In terms of style, the general small room reed curtains should be relatively simple style as well, so as not to make space because of the complexity of the curtains and appear more narrow. And for a large room, it should be more generous, style, exquisite style. The width of the reed curtains, generally on both sides of the window than the width of about 10 cm is appropriate, the bottom should be depending on the curtain style, short curtains should be longer than the bottom of the window 20 cm or so is appropriate; floor curtains, 2 to 3 cm.