The Main Function Of Reed Curtain Is To Isolate From The Outside World

- Sep 14, 2017-

  The main function of reed curtain is to isolate from the outside world, keep the privacy of the room, and it is also an indispensable ornament. In winter, the draperies-style reed curtain will be separated into two of worlds, adding warmth to the house. The reed curtain are controlled by manual and electrical means.

  For a family, no one likes their own every move in the eyes of others. At this point, different indoor areas have different standards for privacy. Living room This kind of family member public activity area, to the request of the privacy is lower, most of the family living room is to pull the reed curtain, most of the case is in the adornment condition. For the bedrooms, toilets and other areas, people not only ask not to see, and require even the shadow can not see. This results in different areas of reed curtain selection of different problems.

  In fact, the principle of privacy protection, or from the blocking of light to deal with. The use of light here refers to the problem of effective use of light in the case of privacy protection. For example, one floor of the bedroom, we do not like people walking around to see every move.

  Decorative wall reed curtain For many ordinary families, is the wall of the largest decorative objects. Judah is for some of the "four white landing" of some of the paperback family, in addition to a few picture frames, maybe the wall of things left reed curtain. Therefore, the choice of reed curtain is beautiful or not, may often have a pivotal role. Similarly, for the hardcover family, the appropriate reed curtain will make home more beautiful and more personality.

  We know that the transmission of the sound, the treble is a straight line, and the window glass to the treble reflectivity is also very high. Therefore, the appropriate thickness of the reed curtain, will be able to improve the reverberation effect of indoor acoustics. Similarly, thick reed curtain also help to absorb some of the noise from the outside and improve the indoor sound environment.