The Origin And Development Of Bamboo Fence

- Sep 14, 2017-

  The Origin and Development of Bamboo Fence

  Bamboo fence is not a new product, China has been the late eighties of last century, since 1998, bamboo fence manufacturing technology is mature, when the output is only 300,000 square meters, due to the process is more complex, and not mature enough, so the use of bamboo fence Life and moisture-proof moth and other issues have not yet a better solution, so failed to get further development and popularization. By 2005, the national bamboo

  To 30 million square meters. In the case of

  Bamboo fence as a very special type of fence, export prices high, good efficiency, so since the date of birth, China's large-scale bamboo fence business almost all eyes on the foreign. As a representative, the national bamboo fence production of 60 to 70% are exported, which also caused the bamboo fence "domestic flowering foreign red" situation, in China, but not high awareness of the local. Until recent years, in the foreign trade barriers and domestic export enterprises under the pressure of malicious price competition, the Chinese bamboo fence sector was aware of the importance of the local market, began to actively promote the bamboo fence in the domestic consumer awareness.